Always Delivers Advanced 18650 Li-ion Battery Cells for Your Innovative Projects

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Help clients to develop high performance batteries

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Excellent cell development technologies

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High-performance Li-ion cells available

Excellent Materials

High-performance materials for Li-ion cells

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State-of-the-art Quality and Stability

Excellent Quality

High Quality Materials and Technologies

  • Li-ion batteries cylindrical

eStar always deliver Advanced Cylindrical 18650 Li-ion Battery Cells for your innovative projects.

eStar provides the cylindrical cells below for applications and customers,

-Electric Vehicles & Mobilities

-Energy Storage Systems

-Consumer Electronics

eStar’s value engineering effort maximizes the use of common materials in the design and manufacture of Li-ion battery cells to improve cost and performance.

It is eStar’s mission to be the premier provider of Advanced Cylindrical 18650 Li-ion Battery Cells. eStar, dedicated to providing top-quality service in all facets of its business, understands that service begins when a conversation is initiated with the customer. Our entire organization is committed to providing customer service through a continuous improvement process. eStar realizes that flexibility, performance, and customer service are the foundations of success, and is committed to providing each of these.

Get Advanced & Reliable Cylindrical 18650 Li-ion Battery Cells for Your Innovative Projects

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